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You got to this page through our Search Engine Marketing (SEM). This one of the most important online marketing channels to get discovered when the audience is actively searching or ready to purchase products and services offered by you!

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How Can SEM Help Your Business?

SEM allows your business to be discovered whenever your target audience searches for products or services that you offer. You are reaching them when they are at the consideration or ready-to-purchase stage. This means that you will be getting much higher quality leads as they are in the advanced stages of decision making.

Futurasia Marketing has a strong track record of achieving optimum SEM results. With meticulous tracking and analysis of Google data, we will help your business get discovered.

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Cignature Enrichment

→ Website Revamp

Mastereign Group

→ Social Media Strategy, Content Creation & Management, Digital Media Buy, Monthly Reporting

A'Cross Saviour

→ Social Media Strategy, Content Creation & Management, Digital Media Buy, Monthly Reporting

SGHoliday Camp

→ Web Development

Bossaball Singapore

→ Social Media Strategy, Content Creation & Management, Digital Media Buy, Monthly Reporting


→ Digital Media Buy, Digital Ad Creation

BlueTree Education

→ Digital Media Buy, Digital Ad Creation

Our Full Digital Service Suite

search engine marketing

Let potential customers find you when they search for a product or service. Today, 49% of users use Google to discover or find a new item or product. The chances to convert are high when customers are in search mode as most are ready to purchase.

influencer Marketing

We create and manage networks of influencers relevant to your brand. We can engage micro influencers and macro influencers to enhance your brand’s social signals and generate digital word of mouth.

Digital Media Buy

We help you reach your target audience on various digital platforms (Google, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Weibo, WeChat) through creative, cost-efficient digital campaigns, together with precise reports and consistent optimisation. We are able to reach the right audience for your B2C or B2B business.

Data Mining

We provide the expertise of mining customer data from various sources according to your target market for effective outbound outreach.

Digital Audit

We listen and analyse how your brand is performing online, what your competitors are doing/saying. This information will be used to create your digital strategy.

Content Marketing

We create, curate and adapt digital content for your brand. We provide design services for your content, emails and website, as well as video production and copywriting services.

Community Management

We manage your customers’ engagements with your brand and provide efficient customer service online and offline. We also provide crisis management processes should they be needed.

Social Listening

We employ tools to monitor trends and analyse patterns online relevant to your brand to chart the next course of actions for your brand, plan campaigns, and prevent possible brand crises.

Tech Development

We design and build websites, apps and develop eDMs for your brand. We also create marketing automation campaigns to make the most of your email marketing.

Digital Strategy

We define digital strategies for your brand, your social platforms, your content, such as your content pillars, your brand tone, frequency of posts, etc. We measure the performance to constantly refine the strategies.

Outbound Telemarketing

We craft customised scripts and deploy dedicated telemarketing specialists to contact hard-to-reach traditional business owners who are not digital savvy to introduce your company, its solutions and arrange face to face or zoom appointments with key decision makers for a pitch.

Sales Support

We deploy off-site English speaking sales support personnel to assist you with proposal writing, submissions, as well as sales related administrative tasks to free you and your team up.

Administrative Support

We deploy off-site English speaking administrative support staff to assist you with any administrative tasks that could be outsourced to keep you focused on essential business activities.

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